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In Dog Sim Online MOD APK, a simulation game from the publisher Turbo Rocket Games, you will transform into a cute dog, starting your exciting journey around the large neighborhood.

Introduce about Dog Sim Online

Raise a Family!

Are you prepared for an exciting adventure?

There have been too many adventure RPGs in which the main character is a human. But have you ever wondered what it would be like if you were an animal? Searching through the mobile game store, you will find that there are quite a few games with this idea recently. Dog Sim Online is one of the first pioneering games of this genre.

I watched a movie on HBO about dogs. A dog was originally a member of a pack of wolves that roamed in the deep forest. But he always felt a special connection to humans and began to observe, stared, and wanted to be closer to people. He volunteered to follow humans, accepted to be domesticated, and became the first close animal friend of humans. To this day, a dog is still a loyal friend of humans.

I used to raise a dog and I understand them a little bit. Dogs are not squishy like cats and not as emotionless as fish or birds. It is a species that is very loyal and obedient. So I thought it would be very interesting if it had a game about the dogs and Dog Sim Online has indeed done that.

Unique in dog characters

Like many role-playing games, you will have the first few choices for the type of dog you are about to become. There are several options such as Husky, Dalmatian, Daschund, mighty Pitbull, Pomeranian, or even a solid metal Doberman. The first dog you choose will be the leader of the pack, playing the main adventure role, so depending on the breed you become, it will behave differently with later members of the family.

For example, the Pitbull will often be interested in muscular guys like him. But the Dalmatian dog is important in building a large family with high breeding ability… This is also the real-life feature of each breed.

Dog Sim Online for Android

Following the classic role-playing tradition, the dog will find ways to upgrade himself from appearance to equipment, companions, and defense items… By going through a series of battles big and small with mice, cats, ferrets, rabbits, and even humans.

This is what I don’t like about this game. Dogs attack people is not fun. It will instill a negative thought about cute dogs in children’s heads. I wish the game could be re-divided into good people and bad guys so that dogs can understand, recognize and attack the bad people.

Graphics are attractive and completely serious

The graphics in Dog Sim Online are also quite good. The dogs in the game show appearance, movement, and personality characteristics just like in real life. The scene is simple, mostly in the street with few obstacles and not many people. Playing this game is quite leisurely.

Dog Sim Online has a total of 6 locations to explore, all displayed on a detailed 3D map. Each region, whether urban or rural, has its simulation of weather conditions, day and night, and a 24-hour time. I am very impressed with the thunder and lightning in the game, it’s so real so that I can feel the helplessness and fear of the dogs.

What makes you a bit brain-tired is have to find the right way because everything, in the eyes of the dog, becomes too big. To determine their standing and destination points, you can use the right navigation cluster under the screen, a combination of zooming in, zooming out, or using the compass to navigate.

Not only walk around but your dog also has a noble mission

The main task of your dog is to perfect himself. But there are some heavy responsibilities: making friends, building a family for yourself, breeding the species, naming the children, adopting cute puppies, fighting anyone who wants to invade his territory or threaten his family.

Dog Sim Online screenshot

During that process, you can actively upgrade the members of the swarm. In general, Creating a strong dog pack is the far and last goal that you need to aim for when playing Dog Sim Online.

You can learn many other good things

When playing this game, you not only become a dog but you will also gather a lot of interesting knowledge about dogs, such as favorite foods, which breeds will go well with which breeds… So it will be very exciting that you can play and learn at the same time.

If you want to play with friends, this game also has a Multiplayer mode. You can meet your friends and play together, it will be very interesting.

If you like to transform into a wolf in the wild, try The Wolf.

MOD APK version of Dog Slim Online

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Download Dog Slim Online MOD APK for Android

The movements are rhythmic, the 3D graphics are beautiful and the music is soothing. Build a family and choose from your favorite dog breeds in this free animal simulation game. Download Dog Sim Online here.

Homeless Demon King MOD APK cover
Homeless Demon King MOD APK 3.35 (God Mode) Download

Homeless Demon King MOD APK is a role-playing game from the publisher Studio Drill. You play as a Demon King who was defeated by humans and lost the castle. To restore his lost honor and regain a bright life, he must find all ways to regain the castle.

Introduce about Homeless Demon King

Crying Demon King trying to regain the lost castle

The unseen story about Demon King

A year has passed since the day the Demon King and his castle were destroyed by humans and he had no place to return. To have a place to live and have money to live, Demon King had to work part-time for a convenience store in the neighborhood. But he couldn’t be left alone, day by day the thugs kept finding excuses to tease and insult him in all sorts of ways. Everything including bad and luck came rushing in, causing our Demon King to get intense stress and start… hair loss. Hair felt out a few strands at first, then in patches. Demon King, who was originally not beautiful, had lost all his form and was even bald. So, his elf friend ended up abandoning him because “I don’t want to date a bald guy”.

In his despair, he heard an echo from the depths of his soul and suddenly realized the cause of all this loss, suffering, and misery: “It’s all because of people, they have taken my castle, bringing me into this tragic misery. I’ll take back the demon king’s castle no matter what, I swear!”

So, in the game, you, Demon King will join his henchman, a mushroom devil, to fight each enemy in turn to find a way to regain the lost castle. Demon King’s enemies in the game are things that are also bullshit and weird as this story: Keyboard Warrior, Gold Piggy Bank, Drunkard, Mobster, Knifing Robber, Duel wielding Chef or Gambler… After a battle with one of these characters, you will get a lot of bonuses, this is money saved up to later regain “home”.

The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds 3DS ROM cover
A Link Between Worlds 3DS & CIA Download

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds belongs to the series The Legend of Zelda. In this part, you still play the role of a legendary hero, Link, who is on a mission to rescue Princess Zelda held captive by a cunning and malicious painter, Yuga.

Overview information

NameThe Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
Updated On
ConsoleNintendo 3DS

Uncover huge secrets between two worlds with Link!

But the enemy this time is completely different

As you know, any part of The Legend of Zelda tells a story about a hero saving a beauty (except for the super bullshit Tri Force Heroes). Just the villain and the final boss of each part are different in respect of skills, malice, arrangement of the soldiers, and trusted minions. Following the same plot, in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, a young man named Link goes to save Princess of Hyrule, Zelda.

The villain this time is quite mysterious, is a dark painter named Yuga with the technique of turning people into wall paintings. And the hero Link, still appearing cheerful and a bit naive, is now apprenticed at a blacksmith’s house in the kingdom.

One day, Yuga got mad and kidnapped the priestess Seres and Princess Zelda to pressure the King of Hyrule. Link is summoned urgently to find Yuga’s whereabouts and rescue Princess Zelda and priestess Seres before the kingdom falls into the hands of the wicked.

With a simple, easy-to-understand, uncluttered narrative, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds has taken players in turn through twist plots, from which earth-shattering secrets unfold one by one. There are parts where Link is “stabbed in the back” because of an unexpected twist, for example, a mutual blacksmith apprentice friend turns out to be Yuga’s henchman installed to spy on Link. It hurts, doesn’t it? 

Overall, the storyline is seamless, highly logical, informative but not confusing. It is generally quite deep, with many touching scenes, such as the part where the priestess Seres sacrificed herself for Princess Zelda.