What is mod APK and why do we use this word for some games?

Short explanation
In short, the changes that are made in games to increase some values ​​or fix some errors and upgrade the game environment by people other than the main creator of the game, are called mod or mod (reverse engineering) of the game.

What is the mode?
There are different meanings for this word in the dictionary, but we want to know the meaning of the word Mod that we heard in Android and computer games. :))

The word stands for modification in English.

What is the difference between mod and hack?
In Mod, we only manipulate our game values ​​and do not care about the rest of the user or the overall game process, but hacking is not like that, for example, someone infiltrates the game servers and changes all or part of the players information or information (password or Extracts user ID and ..).

We use modes in two general ways, each of which I have described below.

What is mod APK In android

In Android, usually those who are able to rewrite the code modify the games, most of the changes that can be seen in the modified Android files:

Infinity of money
Remove annoying ads
Fixed some bugs and coded errors
Changing the game process (for example, not losing lives and و)
Today, most major websites offer two versions of each Android game, the first the original version and the second the modded version.


Mods in computer games
In computer games or even consoles like Ps4 or xbox, mods are not much different from Android, but the way they work is not the same.

In Android mod APK, as I said, we download and install a completely changed version, but in computers and consoles, we have to download the mods manually and put them in the game file: /

The way these changes work in computer games is such that, for example, we show the Iranian Pride car in the game by coding or adding a mode to the Gta game, or maybe we increase the strength of our character. :))

The highest number of Mods made to date is for the GTA game series, which can be said to have a record.


Do not forget that reverse engineering is different from hacking the earth to the sky, hacking has its own ugly meaning that is not comparable to mod.

In general, we use reverse engineering to enjoy our favorite games as much as possible. We are proud to be the first Persian-language and Iranian fashion market to play the latest and highest quality for free. Let us give you.

Is the mod games attractive or not?

Most people who have been playing computer games for a long time are well acquainted with the cheat codes in games. In those days, sometimes by taking a few directions on the gamepad, we could activate many of the codes hidden in the game! Now, let’s say that in some games, such as GTA, many facilities and frauds were provided to the players. In this post, we are going to introduce some very popular mod games in a short topic, and at the end, we will ask your opinion about playing mod games. Stay with us…

Mod games:

The modded version of a game is a version that has been manipulated or so-called hacked by people other than the original creator of the game, and many monetary or hidden features of the game have been provided to users for free. In addition to freeing up some of the features of the modded version, it gives the player access to many of the features that a player must access by playing and spending a lot of time at the very beginning of the game.